About us

We are a bunch of software engineers with nearly a decade of remote work experience. And frankly, sometimes it sucks.

But we think it can change. And make us all better developers along the way.

Here are the things we have understood.

  1. We prefer elegant but pragmatic solutions over hacks that will make the project suffer down the line.
  2. We prefer easily searchable knowledge bases, well-argumented emails, and async communication practices over yet another Zoom meeting.
  3. We prefer composition over configuration. Monoliths over microservices. The working old thing over the new hype.

So we created a company that incorporates everything we have learned in the last few years about software engineering & remote work.

And yes. It’s all open source and ready to be tailored to the reality of your business.

Pink Stack of Triangular prisms

How can we help you?

We consult and provide hands-on help in any of the following.

  • Building and/or deployment of full-stack software systems.
  • Using React.js to build cross-platform applications, including iOS and Android.
  • Devops and remote work culture and processes that save money and speed up time to market*.
  • Systems engineering applicaitons from discovery and requirement gathering all the way to utilisation and decomission.
  • Frictionless and automated hiring, minimising false positives and allowing you to focus on soft skills and cultural fit during the interviews.
  • Untangling your microservices, enabling tracing, monitoring and logging with Kubernetes, Elastic Search and Service Mesh.
* according to the research by Dr. Forsgren (Google) et al.

Technology stack

Here are our most-used technologies. Hover or tap to read a brief explanation of why we use each.

TypeScript logo


TypeScript fills the need for maintainable browser codebases.

TS over JS is due to type-level guarantees; over PureScript for frictionless development.

We are pushing the limits React.js, all the way to react-native-web.

Rust logo


Rust is used for computational speed and native development.

Rust over C for safety; over Go for expressivness; over C++ due to expertise.

We prefer to stay within stdlib for fast comilation times, have know-how of binding to Elixir and Python.

Elixir logo


Elixir is the go-to for highly available, fault-tolerant software systems.

We pick it over Gleam due to maturity; over Erlang for expresiveness.

We are experts in BEAM and OTP and use Phoenix stack as a default for our web-facing projects.

Python logo


Python addresses the need to perform a broad range of data science tasks.

Python over R due to wider ecosystem and conventional execution model; over Julia due to expertise.

Our most used libraries are pandas, numpy and plotly, we like Anaconda framework.

Linux logo


The software needs to run somewhere. We default to Ubuntu LTS.

Linux over BSD due to broader ecosystem and dev/prod homogenity; Ubuntu over NixOS for frictionless development.

We have expertise in Nix, know-how in Docker and kernel customisation.

The Team

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