De­vel­op­ment ser­vices

At Doma, we understand the challenges businesses face in today's rapidly evolving and uncertain market. That's why we're committed to providing cost-effective and resilient solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our expert team has conducted thorough research and prototyping across various technologies, including Haskell, Purerl, and Rust, to identify the most efficient and robust solution for feature development. After careful consideration, we've chosen Elixir as our go-to technology stack.

Elixir offers the perfect balance of rapid development capabilities and strong fault handling, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to maximize their return on investment without compromising on stability. There is a strong sentiment among Elixir development team to also include strong typing for othe language. At Doma we appreciate the importance of typing the code, which allows for maintainable and malleable code bases. This is why we're already using tightest possible typing for our systems using Dialyzer. All of this enables our team to deliver high-quality products faster, saving you time and money.

On the frontend we're leveraging the power of TypeScript and React to deliver fast and responsive user interfaces that are strongly typed and easy to maintain. We're also experts on kinematic design, which allows us to create beautiful and intuitive user experiences with rich three.js ecosystem.

At Doma, our mission is to empower your business with reliable and cost-effective solutions, tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to help you navigate the complexities of the tech landscape and build a strong foundation for your future success.

Consul­tancy ser­vices

At Doma, we're dedicated to ensuring versatility and reliablibility of existing tech solutions for businesses navigating the challenges of today's uncertain market. With a recession impacting the economy, we understand that companies require more than just feature implementation; they need a trusted partner to help them adapt and thrive in a changing landscape.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to a variety of tech environments and provide tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs. With our keen understanding of budgetary concerns and time-sensitive projects, we ensure that our partnership brings value to your business and drives success in a competitive market.

Practical solutions that we apply during our consulting to help businesses maintain their competitive edge and maximize their return on investment, we focus on the following approaches:

Offensive pro­gram­ming

Defensive programming is a common practice in software development, but it can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort. It also fails to acknowledge the fact that faults are emergent properties of complex systems. Therefore we help businesses implement the opposite approach, where the priority is given to the "happy path" and the subsystems are designed to fail fast and recover quickly.

declar­a­tive pro­gram­ming

Traditional imperative programming often leads to code that's hard to understand, maintain, and reason about, which can slow down development and increase maintenance costs. At Doma, our team of experts specializes in declarative programming, an approach that enhances readability, maintainability, testability, and reduces development time. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can benefit from a more efficient development process and a higher-quality end product, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Socio­technical Synergy & Pro­cess­es

At Doma, we understand the importance of the social aspect of software systems development and appreciate its role in successful projects. Our remote-first approach and experience in Domain-Driven Design (DDD) have refined our ability to manage distributed teams and streamline communication. We also have an appreciation and experience in applying social protocols such as Peter Hintjens's Collective Code Construction Contract, successfully applying it to our projects and work for the customers. By leveraging our expertise in both technical and social aspects of development, we help businesses optimize their operations, enhance team productivity, and achieve their objectives more efficiently.